17 August 2014


Dear God,

I am using this opportunity to thank you for blessing me in many unmeasurable ways. There are uncountable times when things could go sour, but you, God, have showed me way-outs. You have also blessed me with an optimistic thinking to keep my hope and faith up. 

In your name I give thanks,

23 July 2012

Je vois la vie en rose & I'm crazy in love with Paris

I don't think Paris is overrated at all. I've heard from many friends who came here searching to fulfill that excitement and expectations who left with broken dreams.

I guess this is where I'm different. If you've met as many disappointed friends as I have, then you'll naturally lower your bars for Paris. I've always been intrigued about Parisian culture, but I've somewhat believed that this city of love, was merely just a given title.

But I was wrong.

This. Is. The city of love. I've fallen in love with Paris, and it breaks me to leave Paris soon. Call me silly, but part of me wish to come back. For real.

Until then Paris,
Love. xx

16 July 2012

You're talking, yet you're not saying anything

July is moving way too fast. In fact, these last few weeks has been a little out of hand for me. I don't know what's going to happen and I'm worrying about the fact that I'm not even remotely worried at all. There is a huge change happening back at home, probably one of the biggest that has happened in my life. So I should be heading back home soon. Real soon. But I'm starting to change my mind

What could go wrong if I just pack my bags and run away? The wheel keeps spinning and I wish it could slow down for me to live in the moment

27 May 2012

Afgaristo, Greece!

#NowPlaying - We Own The Night by Selena Gomez & Pixie Lott

When we are together, it's the time of our lives. We can do whatever, be whoever we like. 
Spend the weekend dancing cause we sleep when we die. Don't have to worry bout nothing. We own the night.

I have just recently returned to the UK from Greece. And I cannot say enough how much fun I had there. I am so glad to eye-witness the beauty of this country with my closest friends. I guess going to a desired destination is one thing and going with the right company is a whole other thing.

Life, can sometimes feel so beautiful. x

11 May 2012

Art & Design Degree Show (prep)

A day in the shoe of a graduating student. Or at least I think I'm graduating? In preparation of the degree show, I'm one of those who're curating the show, managing the layouts and stuff. Not as easy as we thought, not when our tutors are still, constantly squeezing the last bit of creativity from us. We figured they're not going to do this much longer, so we surrender and kept on devising floor plans after floor plans to please em. It's like after a whole day of moving these poled boards around and arranging them, we felt a good sense of accomplishment and they come in the next morning and say, 'hmmm.. no'. Andy, my lecturer, his contemplative 'hmm' is a scary one. His signature thoughtful hum is a silent gun. 

My lunch: Peanut butter kit kat! 


Working on the floor with a cup of 90p hot chocolate and sketching out floor plans.
Feels kinda nice, felt like we were doing actual work for the first time. 

Till we're done!